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Our History


Reflecting on the Past, Celebrating the Present, and Preparing for the Future


Envisioning a new life for themselves and their families in America, a handful of Japanese immigrants chartered the West Los Angeles Community Church in 1930 to nurture their own Christian faith and also for the sake of the children -- kodomo no tame ni – for the sake of future generations in this family of faith. This community survived the Great Depression, forced removal from their homes and incarceration during World War II, ongoing post-war prejudice and, more recently, the Covid-19 pandemic shut down. Yet, by God’s love and grace, this Church continues to rise to whatever challenges and opportunities are presented.


Today, West Los Angeles United Methodist Church is a community of faith whose history and lived experience inform and shape its present-day ministries and commitment to inclusivity and the affirmation of all of God’s children, including racial minorities, immigrants, and LGBTQiA+ persons. A shared understanding of the pain of dislocation, prejudice, and exclusion and the power of neighbor loving neighbor are foundational to this community’s enduring spirit of radical hospitality and social justice engagement.

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