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Congregational Care & Fellowship

Please contact the Church Office for more information
about these Ministries.

Member Outreach & Care

This team honors the joys and concerns of the congregation, keeping members and friends connected and supported through greeting cards, calls, emails, and visits – especially during times of challenge, illness, or bereavement.

Thursday Breakfast Bunch

West Los Angeles UMC members and friends gather at a nearby restaurant for a casual fellowship breakfast and conversation once a month.


Tai Chi 

Congregation members and community friends gather twice weekly to practice tai chi with an instructor who is a West Los Angeles UMC member.

Monthly Grief Support Group

This group meets monthly to provide compassionate support for those experiencing loss and grief. 


Senior Engagement & Well-Being

West Los Angeles UMC treasures and supports individuals in their senior years. As an intergenerational community, seniors actively participate in all aspects of church life – from administration to worship. The Church also provides pastoral and spiritual care for seniors going through life transitions, such as retirement, the death of a partner, and moving from the family home into assisted living. 

Café Aloha

This senior outreach ministry prepares and delivers bento lunches to seniors (ages 70+) at their residences, along with love and connection to the congregation through delivery visitation. Children and youth enjoy adding special treats, handmade cards, and messages to the deliveries.

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